Old vs New. What type of car do you prefer?

How does it feel to drive a silent car?

That was the question brought up by my girlfriend during our holiday trip to NE.  I pondered for a bit and said, “Well in my opinion, it would be pretty boring”. Since the dawn of automobiles, most people define a car as  “a road vehicle with 4 wheels, powered by an internal combustion engine capable of carrying a small number of people”.   And if you take out the internal combustion engine part, then is it still a car?

Given the rise in oil prices and government regulation changes to cut oil … Continue

2017 Nissan Maxima-SV First Drive

On the last stint of my recent business travels, I had to go to Herndon VA for some customer visits.  As usual, I booked for my intermediate rental at Enterprise.  Upon arriving at the rental office, I couldn’t see any Camrys or Altimas and thought to myself, please don’t give me the minivan!!!!  To my surprise, the rental agent drove up in a brand new silver Nissan Maxima-SV and handed me the keys.  I thought to myself, well that is certainly a good upgrade and what a way to get a review going than to spent the next 3 days … Continue

2017 Toyota Camry-SE First Drive


Last week, for my drive up to a work conference in Boston, I picked up the 2017 Toyota Camry-SE for a first impression test drive.  Since I have driven the previous generations before, I did not expect any surprises this time around. The styling of the 2017 remains similar as the last 2 calendar years.  The SE version of the model is the sporty version, but purely on appearance.  During my four hour drive, I got to test every aspect of the car.  From the take off reaching to 65 MPH, to the sudden braking due to a careless … Continue

2015 Subaru Outback 3.6R-Long Term Review

The entirely redesigned Subaru Outback 5th generation is a complete night and day compared to the former.  This very vehicle, the 3.6R I purchased back in 2015, is the very reason why I started carsandsavings.com.

I believe reviews are one of the most important factors in helping a buyer narrow down the vehicle choices.  As with any new car, problems don’t seem to surface until after some added miles.  For the first 8 months (10K miles) of ownership, everything was as expected.  The car started on demand, stopped on demand, and the eye-sight system performed flawlessly.  All I had to … Continue