2017 Australian GP

Boys and Girls, the wait is over.  In just a few hours, the 2017 season of Formula  1 will officially begin.  As always, we start the season at Albert Park down at Melbourne, Australia.  With the new aero regulation and tire size changes, new records will be set.

The top teams did not take long before showing off all the winter progress.  Ferrari especially proved that hard work is finally paying off.  Below are the  qualifying times for this race.

Ferrari fans, myself included, are very optimistic of the results thus far.  If Sebastian has a car that is within … Continue

I Saved Almost 18% off MSRP on a New Mercedes Benz with Cars and Savings

The last few weeks have been a little busy for me due to work.  I do apologize for the gap in posts.  With so much going on, I almost forgot my Mercedes Benz C300 lease was up.  This proved to be another excellent opportunity to show exactly how great Cars and Savings is at saving money.

I looked up the specs on MBUSA to determine the best options on another C300.  I searched for all different color combinations on the new W205 body online.  But the only one that looks good is Polar White.  Let me just say that Benz … Continue

2018 Toyota C-HR First Drive

Like a good former Scion, the C-HR is aimed at millennials, the same group that Toyota’s youth brand desperately wanted to attract. Toyota’s ideal C-HR shopper is single or married without kids. Back-seat passengers of any sort would therefore be rare, which the company feels justifies the compromised second row.

People want crossovers for the looks, the high seating position, and the cargo space. Solid driving dynamics might be a bonus, but they’re not the reason someone seeks out a small utility like this. That leaves the C-HR’s unique styling and standard safety items as the big differentiators in a … Continue

Mitsubishi Evolution X-Dirty Snow White

I must admit, it has been a few years since I got behind the wheel of a boosted car.  When I had my MR2’s, I never paid attention to the turbo spooling or the blow-off-valve whistling through every gear.  Those sounds were just second nature to me in a modified sports car.  Recently, the central NJ area has been experiencing a warm spell with daily temps between 55* to 65*.  Knowing this would be the perfect time to do a quick review of my friend Steve’s Evo, I quickly scheduled a time.  Within an hour, my brother Calvin and I … Continue