California to make buying an EV car more affordable?

Lets be honest, nothing good in life lasts forever.  Especially when we are talking about the $7,500 Federal tax credit for buying EV cars.  No matter how many buyers actually took advantage of the full tax credit.  The credit is a big incentive in the buying decision process.

GM, Nissan and Tesla are all approaching the tax rebate eligibility quota of 200k vehicles.  California does not want potential buyers to lose out on the incentives before even reaching the showroom floor.  Thus, the state is considering a bill that would provide discounts to shoppers at the time of purchase.  In … Continue

Subaru EyeSight update

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the name EyeSight.  It is Subaru’s own camera based pre collision warning system.  Introduced a few years ago, the EyeSight option is now one of the most popular and trusted safety features Subaru has to offer.  It features a pair of cameras mounted around the rear view mirror.  Effectively acting as a second pair of eyes to perform emergency brake assist or lane departure warnings should the vehicle come into any dangers.

Later this summer, Subaru will roll out an updated version of the system to provide limited self-driving capabilities.  This update … Continue

Formula E Comes to New York

In just over 5 weeks, Formula E will invade New York.  During the weekend of July 15th-16th, Formula E comes to Brooklyn, NY for its maiden ePrix.  The New York City ePrix will be the first FIA sanctioned motorsports event to take place in any of the five boroughs of NYC.  The 1.95 km circuit will feature 10 turns, winding through the waterfront neighborhood of Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Just to familiarize everyone with Formula E, it is the electric car racing version of F1.  Initiated by FIA President Jean Todd as a way to demonstrate the potential of sustainable mobility.  … Continue