The 2018 Honda Accord is here.

Summer months usually mean family picnics and road trips to most.  But to two of the largest car manufacturers in the world, its another round in the ring.  While Toyota promises the 2018 Camry will be sportier than ever.  Trying to steal away Accord buyers would always prove to be difficult.  The 2018 Accords do not disappoint, but there are caveats.

But after four decades at the top of the automotive world, the Accord is in dangerous territory. Midsize sedans are a dying breed, as cheap gas and a perceived lack of versatility are sending more buyers to crossovers and … Continue

Tesla sales in Hong Kong halts to Zero


No matter how popular Electric Vehicles are becoming in recent years. Without proper government subsidies to offset the high price, the market is still extremely volatile.

Data analysis show that after the Hong Kong government’s decision to scrap a tax break for EV’s.  The sales numbers for the following month, April, came to a complete stop.  For the month of April, zero new Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles were registered.  That figure is compared to 2,939 vehicles registered just the month before.

A Tesla representative told Business Insider that although the company welcomed government policies making “it … Continue

Boxerfest 2017


With searing temperatures hot enough to melt asphalt, we set out to capture the best of Boxerfest 2017.

Hope you guys enjoy the video!