Ford Recalling 1.46M Focus Vehicles

Ford Motor is recalling 1.46 million Ford Focus cars in North America to fix a defect that could lead to stalling. The recall affects the 2012 through 2018 model-year Focus with 2-liter GDI and 2-liter GTDI engines.

Ford warned that customers should keep their fuel tanks at least half full until their cars are fixed. The issue stems from a defective canister purge valve that could become stuck in an open position, causing deformation of the fuel tank.

In certain instances, the defect could cause the Focus to stall and then not restart or have difficulty restarting. Car owners may … Continue

The Polestar-Tuned 2019 Volvo S60 Is Going to Be Extremely Rare. It’s Already Sold Out.

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All 20 of the 415-hp sedans slated for the U.S. were reserved in 39 minutes.

When we first learned about the new Volvo S60 last week, we were especially intrigued about the hybrid “Polestar Engineered” version. For the 2019 model year, Volvo will offer this 415-hp sedan exclusively through its Care by Volvo subscription program for $1100 a month, which will include 15,000 annual miles, service, maintenance, and insurance. Oh, and it’s only going to bring 20 of them to the U.S.

That means, statistically, you’ll have a greater chance of seeing a 2019 Ford


Volkswagen and Audi car infotainment systems hacked remotely

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Volkswagen and Audi car infotainment systems hacked remotely

It may have escaped the notice of prospective buyers, but cars have recently become a bit of a target for security researchers.

The latest example of this challenge sport has arrived from researchers at Dutch pen-testers Computest, who decided to see what security woes they could uncover in two 2015 models, the Volkswagen Golf GTE and an Audi A3 Sportback e-tron, both made by Volkswagen Audi Group (VAG).

True to their hunch, with a bit of hunting they eventually found … Continue

BMW and Porsche work together to enable 15-min electric car charging at 450 kW charge rate

BMW and Porsche are currently working together and with other major automakers, like Mercedes and Ford, on an ultra-fast (350 kW) electric car charging network in Europe.  But now they want to lay the foundation to improve the charge rate to 450 kW in order to enable quicker electric car charging.

BMW is leading the project through the “FastCharge” consortium in partnership with other companies like Porsche, Allego and Siemens. The German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure supports the project with a  € 7.8 million grant, which is supervised by the National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Organization


Kobe Steel Scandal

Update:  The Kobe Steel scandal now expands to 500 customers from the original estimate of 200 including subsidiaries.  The subsidiaries are mainly position in Asia.  Three in China, one each in Thailand and Malaysia and four in Japan.  The company supplies metal components to industries where safety is vital including car, train and aircraft producers.

Original:  For anyone out there driving a Honda, Toyota, Subaru, GM, Nissan and  Kawasaki vehicle, or might be flying on a Boeing airplane. Listen up.

Kobe Steel , a leading Japanese steel producer announced early this week that it had falsified data relating … Continue

Apple CarPlay, when standard connectivity just isn’t enough.

Recently, I have noticed an upward trend in my clients’ request as a wanted feature in their next car.  The feature wasn’t some extra chrome package or a larger wheels.  But rather, it was one that helps us interact with our car, the Apple CarPlay.

What is it?

Apple CarPlay is not some in car operating system that controls your car’s infotainment.  CarPlay is Apple’s connectivity solution that casts the same iOS user interface from your iPhone to the car’s infotainment display.  Instead of relying on clunky hardware to control calls, navigation, music texts or other approved applications.  The solution … Continue

1,180 HP Ariel

The name Ariel is synonymous with 2 things.  If you are 4 and love Disney, then you are thinking about the Little Mermaid.  But if you are reading this article, then I am sure you are thinking about the picture above.

We all love and remember the time when Jeremy Clarkson drove the Ariel Atom on TopGear.  With his silly car jokes and bad teeth, Clarkson delighted us with this perpetual gaping mouth.  An image that proves just how fun the Ariel Atom is.  WIth its street legal nake frame and 350 BHP.  The Atom is like a Victoria Secret … Continue

How much will you buy this for?

That depends on who is being asked.  If you were a die-hard McLaren fan, then the immaculate example of the first ever US imported F1 is it.  With only 106 active examples to date, locating someone willing to part with their beloved McLaren F1 is nearly impossible.

This year, Bonhams Quail Lodge auction in Carmel, California attracted many prospective F1 buyers.  This gorgeous example, #44, sold for a cool $15,620,000.  Making it the most expensive F1 ever sold.

The #44 is one of just 64 road-legal F1s built.  And the first of only seven cars federalized by Ameritech for road … Continue

The 2018 Honda Accord is here.

Summer months usually mean family picnics and road trips to most.  But to two of the largest car manufacturers in the world, its another round in the ring.  While Toyota promises the 2018 Camry will be sportier than ever.  Trying to steal away Accord buyers would always prove to be difficult.  The 2018 Accords do not disappoint, but there are caveats.

But after four decades at the top of the automotive world, the Accord is in dangerous territory. Midsize sedans are a dying breed, as cheap gas and a perceived lack of versatility are sending more buyers to crossovers and … Continue

Tesla sales in Hong Kong halts to Zero


No matter how popular Electric Vehicles are becoming in recent years. Without proper government subsidies to offset the high price, the market is still extremely volatile.

Data analysis show that after the Hong Kong government’s decision to scrap a tax break for EV’s.  The sales numbers for the following month, April, came to a complete stop.  For the month of April, zero new Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles were registered.  That figure is compared to 2,939 vehicles registered just the month before.

A Tesla representative told Business Insider that although the company welcomed government policies making “it … Continue