ESPN to broadcast F1 from 2018

FINALLY!!  ESPN announced Wednesday it is taking over exclusive U.S. broadcast rights for Formula One in a multi-year partnership that begins in 2018, replacing NBC Sports, which opted not to renew its contract. Starting with the Australian Grand Prix in March, all 21 F1 races will air live on either ESPN, ESPN2 or ABC, including every practice and qualifying session, totaling more than 125 hours of programming in the first season.

The move marks a return of sorts to the ESPN family, as affiliate network ABC broadcast the first F1 race in the U.S. in 1962 when it showed the … Continue

Apple CarPlay, when standard connectivity just isn’t enough.

Recently, I have noticed an upward trend in my clients’ request as a wanted feature in their next car.  The feature wasn’t some extra chrome package or a larger wheels.  But rather, it was one that helps us interact with our car, the Apple CarPlay.

What is it?

Apple CarPlay is not some in car operating system that controls your car’s infotainment.  CarPlay is Apple’s connectivity solution that casts the same iOS user interface from your iPhone to the car’s infotainment display.  Instead of relying on clunky hardware to control calls, navigation, music texts or other approved applications.  The solution … Continue

1,180 HP Ariel

The name Ariel is synonymous with 2 things.  If you are 4 and love Disney, then you are thinking about the Little Mermaid.  But if you are reading this article, then I am sure you are thinking about the picture above.

We all love and remember the time when Jeremy Clarkson drove the Ariel Atom on TopGear.  With his silly car jokes and bad teeth, Clarkson delighted us with this perpetual gaping mouth.  An image that proves just how fun the Ariel Atom is.  WIth its street legal nake frame and 350 BHP.  The Atom is like a Victoria Secret … Continue

How much will you buy this for?

That depends on who is being asked.  If you were a die-hard McLaren fan, then the immaculate example of the first ever US imported F1 is it.  With only 106 active examples to date, locating someone willing to part with their beloved McLaren F1 is nearly impossible.

This year, Bonhams Quail Lodge auction in Carmel, California attracted many prospective F1 buyers.  This gorgeous example, #44, sold for a cool $15,620,000.  Making it the most expensive F1 ever sold.

The #44 is one of just 64 road-legal F1s built.  And the first of only seven cars federalized by Ameritech for road … Continue

Do you wear a seat belt?

So you just hailed an Uber ride and got in the back seat.  Do you buckle up or not?

Researchers with the International Institute for Highway Safety asked 1,172 individuals about their seat belt habits. Eighty percent of those surveyed said they do not buckle up while using ride-hailing services, taxis, or when they are just taking a short trip in the back seat.

When asked why, respondents said they believe the back seat is safer. However, the officials from the IIHS say no matter how you ride, it is still important to wear a seat belt.

“For most adults, … Continue

The 2018 Honda Accord is here.

Summer months usually mean family picnics and road trips to most.  But to two of the largest car manufacturers in the world, its another round in the ring.  While Toyota promises the 2018 Camry will be sportier than ever.  Trying to steal away Accord buyers would always prove to be difficult.  The 2018 Accords do not disappoint, but there are caveats.

But after four decades at the top of the automotive world, the Accord is in dangerous territory. Midsize sedans are a dying breed, as cheap gas and a perceived lack of versatility are sending more buyers to crossovers and … Continue

Tesla sales in Hong Kong halts to Zero


No matter how popular Electric Vehicles are becoming in recent years. Without proper government subsidies to offset the high price, the market is still extremely volatile.

Data analysis show that after the Hong Kong government’s decision to scrap a tax break for EV’s.  The sales numbers for the following month, April, came to a complete stop.  For the month of April, zero new Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles were registered.  That figure is compared to 2,939 vehicles registered just the month before.

A Tesla representative told Business Insider that although the company welcomed government policies making “it … Continue

Boxerfest 2017


With searing temperatures hot enough to melt asphalt, we set out to capture the best of Boxerfest 2017.

Hope you guys enjoy the video!


California to make buying an EV car more affordable?

Lets be honest, nothing good in life lasts forever.  Especially when we are talking about the $7,500 Federal tax credit for buying EV cars.  No matter how many buyers actually took advantage of the full tax credit.  The credit is a big incentive in the buying decision process.

GM, Nissan and Tesla are all approaching the tax rebate eligibility quota of 200k vehicles.  California does not want potential buyers to lose out on the incentives before even reaching the showroom floor.  Thus, the state is considering a bill that would provide discounts to shoppers at the time of purchase.  In … Continue