Toyota Supra-The Rebirth of an Icon

Long ago in a land far far away.  Legends of the open road were craved by automotive enthusiasts across the world.  There was the Nissan Skyline, the Mazda RX-7 and the Honda NSX.  But only one was fortunate enough to be powered by the 2JZ-GTE motor.  The Toyota Supra.  2002 marked the end of an era as the Toyota Supra ceased production.  Fast forward 14 year to 2016-17, we are now nearing the possibility of the rebirth of an automotive icon.

The Toyota Supra is nearing its return for 2019.  New renderings  from show off the sports car’s curvy … Continue

2017 North American International Auto Show Review

This past weekend, I visited my brother at the University of Michigan.  To top off a sibling visit which simply means eating a ton of sushi, we decided to check out the  2017 North American International Auto Show.  After reviewing the preview show my brother attended earlier, I was very excited to check out the concept vehicles as well as the usual favorites.  This year, concepts from Chrysler, VW, MB, Lexus, Nissan, Toyota and Subaru all wowed attendees with the promise of a better automotive future.  But let’s see exactly how much they can impress … Continue

Fiat Chrysler Diesel Emission News

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, or FCA Group, is the latest car company to be mixed into the diesel emission scandals.  We all remember the start of it all with Volkswagen diesels.  To date, VW has agreed to pay tens of Billions in damages and fired numerous top level executives.  Immediate scandal comparisons between Fiat Chrysler and Volkswagen are being drawn.  But are they actually the same?

Here is what we know so far.

This past Thursday, 1/12/17, the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) accused Fiat Chrysler of installing software that enables certain diesel trucks to emit far more pollutants than emissions … Continue

The NAIAS Detroit Auto Show-(Preview)

Although the public showing of the NAIAS-Detroit Auto Show doesn’t start until January 14th.  We attended the preview event Automobili-D as  representatives of the U-Michigan Hybrid Racing team.

Automobili-D is a show that takes place during the preview week and focuses on the rapidly evolving technologies in the auto and mobility industries.  The event features over 100 companies, including auto manufacturers, OEM suppliers, and startups. Prominent industry leaders and political figures, including the governor of Michigan, keynoted Sunday’s opening ceremony. An open house followed to allow special guests, industry representatives, and peers to network.

Let’s take a look at some Continue

Faraday Future FF 91, The 1000+ HP Electric Vehicle

Latest News:  Faraday Future has been hit with a $1.8 Million Lawsuit over New Car Debut.  The Mill Group, a visual effects company has claimed that Faraday Future owes the sum for a graphic presentations designed for the CES 2017 launch.

“Faraday has repeatedly acknowledged that it accepts the sums owing to The Mill and its intention to pay,” the complaint says. “However, despite repeated requests for payment and promises by Faraday to pay, funds have not been received. Instead, Faraday has only paid $20,000.00 to the Mill, leaving a total outstanding balance in the amount of $1,802,750.00.”


After … Continue

Winter Driving and Car Care Tips

Winter is upon us.  For those of us living in the North East and Snow Belt states, it means months of beautiful agony.  As we transition into the winter months, we must address some safety concerns.

Driving Tips:

Always drive while fully rested.  Driving in adverse weather/road conditions require additional energy.

Gas and Brake peddle pressure should be applied gradually.  Due to a lack of traction, sudden movements can result in unintended accidents.

Do not tailgate.  No matter how much you are in a rush, keeping a safe distance (10 car lengths) with the car in front is important.

Do … Continue

Old vs New. What type of car do you prefer?

How does it feel to drive a silent car?

That was the question brought up by my girlfriend during our holiday trip to NE.  I pondered for a bit and said, “Well in my opinion, it would be pretty boring”. Since the dawn of automobiles, most people define a car as  “a road vehicle with 4 wheels, powered by an internal combustion engine capable of carrying a small number of people”.   And if you take out the internal combustion engine part, then is it still a car?

Given the rise in oil prices and government regulation changes to cut oil … Continue

2017 Nissan Maxima-SV First Drive

On the last stint of my recent business travels, I had to go to Herndon VA for some customer visits.  As usual, I booked for my intermediate rental at Enterprise.  Upon arriving at the rental office, I couldn’t see any Camrys or Altimas and thought to myself, please don’t give me the minivan!!!!  To my surprise, the rental agent drove up in a brand new silver Nissan Maxima-SV and handed me the keys.  I thought to myself, well that is certainly a good upgrade and what a way to get a review going than to spent the next 3 days … Continue

2017 Toyota Camry-SE First Drive


Last week, for my drive up to a work conference in Boston, I picked up the 2017 Toyota Camry-SE for a first impression test drive.  Since I have driven the previous generations before, I did not expect any surprises this time around. The styling of the 2017 remains similar as the last 2 calendar years.  The SE version of the model is the sporty version, but purely on appearance.  During my four hour drive, I got to test every aspect of the car.  From the take off reaching to 65 MPH, to the sudden braking due to a careless … Continue

2015 Subaru Outback 3.6R-Long Term Review

The entirely redesigned Subaru Outback 5th generation is a complete night and day compared to the former.  This very vehicle, the 3.6R I purchased back in 2015, is the very reason why I started

I believe reviews are one of the most important factors in helping a buyer narrow down the vehicle choices.  As with any new car, problems don’t seem to surface until after some added miles.  For the first 8 months (10K miles) of ownership, everything was as expected.  The car started on demand, stopped on demand, and the eye-sight system performed flawlessly.  All I had to … Continue